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    Problem accessing static APEX files using ORDS 3.0.11?

    Wouter de Waard

      Is there a problem with ORDS 3.0.11 not being able to access files in the /i/ directory?

      Or did I miss a relevant step in the installation? Any help appreciated.


      Reinstalling the original 3.0.9 solves the problem... and installing 3.0.11 again creates it ,.. again



      I am playing around on a Vbox, honing my skills with ORDS and APEX installation.

      When I install ORDS 3.0.11 I get a messagebox contacting APEX at

      localhost:9091/ords    (Yes I installed it at port 9091)


      "There is a problem with your environment because the Application Express files have not been loaded.

      Please verify that you have copied the images directory to your application server as instructed in the .." etc


      I can see the items from the APEX IDE log page in my browser, but there is no CSS applied, and the buttons do not work,.. since the .js files cannot be accessed

      This happened after the installation of ORDS 3.0.11. I did install ords from the zip file ords.


      Installing 3.0.11 i did following:

      1. stopped ORDS with
        $> ./ords.sh stop
      2. removed ORDS and the ords schema with
        $ords>  java -jar ords.war uninstall
        (answering the prompts for db connection SYS and its password))
      3. deleted all files from the ords directory and below
        $ords> rm -r *


      Then I reinstalled ORDS 3.0.9 as follows:

      1. Copied ords.war to ORDS directory
      2. installed ORDS with
        $ords> java - jar ords.war install advanced
        (answering all prompts for users etc n.b. I used port 9091... I'm playing around, remember?)
      3. started ORDS using   
        $ ./ords.sh start



      When I let my browser access


      I get my dearly beloved APEX IDE completely working, with all the CSS present.


      The only pointer to a solution that I can find is the error I get when accessing a file in the /i/ directory

      When I enter  the following URL in my browser :



      Using ORDS 3.0.11 I get an error in my browser:

           HTTP ERROR: 404

            Problem accessing /i/apex_version.js. Reason:

                Not Found

            Powered by Jetty://


      Using ORDS 3.0.9 I get:

            Application Express Version:  5.1.2

      Which is the correct contents of the file.


      Technical data:...

      Select * from v$instance show (amongst others)

      instance_name  host_name    version

      orcl12c       vbgeneric


      java - version shows:

      java version "1.8.0_121"

      Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_121-b13)

      Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.121-b13, mixed mode)


      The Vbox is a Linux OS that came with the OTN vbox appliance:

      Oracle Unbreakable Linux 7.3 server kernel 4.1.12-61.1




      thanks in advance for you reading through the entire post,.. and your thoughts on this