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    How to disable 'Validate' button in Payables Invoice


      Hi Experts,

           We have a requirement where we want to enable the 'Validate' (AP Invoice 'Actions' tab) the Invoice only when the Invoice is approved. Untill then, it should be in disable mode.

           How can we achive this using Form Personalization



      Thanks in Advance,


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          Hi experts,

               I achieved this by below form personalization

                    In 'Conditions' tab

                         Trigger Event     : WHEN-NEW-BLOCK-INSTANCE

                         Trigger Object    : INV_SUM_ACTIONS

                         Condition            : ${item.INV_SUM_FOLDER.WFAPPROVAL_STATUS.value} <> 'WFAPPROVED'

                    In 'Actions' tab

                         Object Type           : Item

                         Target Object        : INV_SUM_ACTIONS.APPROVE

                         Property Name      : DISPLAYED

                         Value                     : FALSE


               By this, I am making the 'Validate' field as non-display. But, when I try Property Name as 'ENABLED' or 'ENTERABLE', then it is not working.

               Can anyone please help me on how to make as non-editable or disabled instead of non-display



          Thanks in Advance,