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    Program Canvas processing volume best practice



      I am looking into creating a capitalization cleansing program for my data base (e.g. First and Last name to start with a capital letter) and I want to use the contact washing machine app (action - propercase).
      My questions revolves around best practices and recommended volume of contacts the program should process daily. I am thinking to create a big segment that will add the contacts to the program. But this segment will have more then 600 000 contacts per day. Is that too much in terms of best practice? Considering there may be other programs running would this eventually start slowing down the system?


      Note: it isn't a case that I have 600k+ contacts with lowercase, it's just that I don't see a way to select only those with no capital letters in their first/last name. So if there are any thoughts around how to reduce this number, that would be great as well.


      Appreciate any thoughts.

      Thank you


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          Nadine N

          If you are using just one function it should not take too long. But remember that program using the app cloud cannot run in priority mode.

          Set the program up over night and see where you are in the morning.

          If you need something more urgent, create a data view with just the First and Last name and email address. Export, make the change manually and re-import overwriting the 2 fields.

          I am wondering if there is a way to identify if your fields is in Proper or Lower case. Maybe a feature request

          Best of Luck!

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            Hi Nadine,

            Thanks for your suggestions. I am planning to use program canvas so I assume I don't have to worry about priority mode?

            Also, the thing is that I want to set the program and leave it to work daily. I don't know when my incorrect data is coming into the system so I want to setup something that will automatically correct it constantly. Hence my worry whether or not this will overload the system on a daily basis.

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              Mr Thee

              I would suggest you have a one time segment of all your contacts to Wash them all, and keep everything washed for the future using a contact update listener in your program or forms.

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                Thanks for your suggestions. I've also been in touch with Oracle Support and while it is indeed a large number of contacts to process (which can impact system performance), they suggested that running the program once a week should be fine, especially if I can set it to work on day when the platform is not used so heavily (e.g. weekends).


                To give a bit more context and ideas for other people: I've implemented a conditions for the contact washing machine to update the contact only it doesn't find propercase. I am using RegEx like this: First Name NOT RegEx: ^[A-Z]+[a-zA-Z]*$

                The RegEx is checking if the string has propercase (hence I am using NOT to identify if my string is not having propercase). The action of the step will be executed only if the condition is true.

                The contact will only be updated if we need and therefore will not impact the 'modified date' unnecessarily.

                I have create the above logic for all the fields I want to propercase in different steps of the contact washing machine.


                That being said, the program will still process all of the contacts (even if they will not be updated), hence the need to run the program less frequently.


                Finally, I have a listener step to the program which is imputing contact as they are created in Elq.


                Why do I still need to process all contacts on a weekly basis since I have the listener? The contact details can be update by other means such as form submit or CRM update. Because our organisation is using multiple types of forms, I find it easier to manage this at a global level rather then at a form level. Moreover, using a segment based on 'modified date' is not effective as the minimum re-evaluation time in program canvas is 1 day, which will result in a large number of contacts in the segment.


                I hope this will help other people as well.