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    Units of conversion


      Hello all.

      I am a complete noob in EBS, have no skill set whatsoever, just need the right things to tell my inventory manager what to do anyway

      For product A to be built, we need what RnD regards as 2x item X. Our supplier regards that as "one set of 2". What happens is that we draw the product A in ProE, store the BoM in Agile, from where the BoM is transferred to EBS 11. In the BoM in Agile is the item X requested 2x. This comes into EBS as a need for 2x item X to be purchased. But the supplier sends 2x "set of 2". This surely is a very common issue. What do we need to do? The item in EBS is "EA". should the primary unit be setup to be a madeup unit "PAIR", so the purchase order shows "1", and when the item is recieved shows available 1 "PAIR" which also is 2 "EA", and which is the correct way to set this up, in general terms? I just threw away one "set of 2", because it is not in inventory, because the WIP pulled 2 "set of 2", when effectively i only needed 2 "EA", and the hassle of putting the thing back to storage is to time consuming to warrant the effort, in regard to the unit price...

      Same goes for a hazard sticker we put on each product we make, they come in rolls of 500...

      I guess it boils down to UoC, but what is the general way to set such things up?

      If this is wrong forum, or has been answered 25 times before, i apologize.

      Thanks in advance,

      Daniel, frustrated assembly tech