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    Min-Max/Requisition Import not populating Supplier on Requisition


      Last week we had the situation start where our clerk would run Min-Max Planning report and the Requisition Import and for 1 organization none of the Supplier information is populating on the requisition.

      We have ran this for years. He runs it for 2 other orgs and they are working fine.

      I am unable to recreate this in a test environment which makes me think possible setup or data corruption issue in production but have not been able to find anything.

      No profile options have been recently updated.  Nothing on the Org has been recently updated.

      We do not do automatic document sourcing.

      There are no Global or Organization level assignments on our Assignment Set.

      Yesterday the requisition created 191 lines without a supplier.  I tried manually creating a requisition for each one of these for this org and the Supplier information populated for each one, so the Sourcing Rules are there....it's just not happening during the Requisition Import.  I did check the data in po_requisitions_interface_all and autosource_flag value is set to P for the affected records.


      Wondering if anyone knows of anything else to check?



      EBS R12.1.3