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    How to iterate over all rows in an IG for processing PL/SQL Code, even if no changes are made




      I have a use case where I need to present data in an IG from one table and let the user make choices in a column (adding a Yes/No value).


      But this is not the table I need to update.  I actually need to iterate over all elements in the IG and based on the selections made, do inserts or updates into a completely different table.


      A user may or may not have made any changes in the IG, but I still need to process each row and perform an insert or an update.


      The problem is, my PL/SQL code is only running for changed rows, and I want to iterate over every row in the IG and take action based on the values, and depdendent on whether I can find data in related tables.


      How can you iterate on a SAVE action, over all rows in the IG and take appropriate action, regardless of an insert, delete or update action.  In fact I am not allowing deletes or inserts, only updates - I am just returning data from a view, marking one column with a drop down value of Yes/No with a default of Yes.  They may or may not have made a choice, I still need to work with each row to determine an action.


      I am also getting "non preserved key column issues"....


      In summary


      1) IG returns data, from a view which does not need updating, with a column which can be selectable as Yes/No

      2) IG has custom PL/SQL code to save the IG, which needs to iterate over each item - regardless of whether it was changed or not, and take action against other tables not related to the IG source