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    HOW to apply  NLS patch




      how should we apply NLS version of a patch, in the same adop patch cycle with US version or in another adop patch cycle from the scratch?

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          Please refer the following Note,

          The Translation Synchronization patch (TSP) feature allows you to synchronize your existing translations with the American English file versions or to install new languages on your Applications instance. By applying just one patch for each language, you will be able to bring your translations up to your Applications patch level.

          R11i / R12 : Requesting Translation Synchronization Patches (Doc ID 252422.1)


          Hope this helps to answer your query.




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            Prashant Umap


            Thanks for the post.

            - Please follow above note to get the translation patch.

            - Once you get the patches - You need to apply it in using adop patch cycle followed with some post steps.



            Prashant Umap

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              You can immediately apply the NLS patches right after applying the main US version for each language you have enabled in your system within the same adop patching session.  There is no need to complete the main patching cycle first.




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                this is the answer i  was looking  for.


                thanks Micheal.



                additionally do we have to use hotpatch=yes parameter for NLS patch? i read this in some posts !


                or this is the cycle that should be


                adop phase= prepare

                adop phase=apply patches=US_patch

                adop phase=apply patches=NLS_versionofPatch

                adop phase=finalize

                adop phase=cutover

                adop phase=cleanup

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                  You can do it either way.  Normally the NLS patches do not take much time to apply except for large maintenance patches. In normal adop patching cycle you are patching the patch edition and only outage is the cutover, so the time to apply NLS patches in not an issue in that case.

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                    Samya-Sourav - Senior Support Engineer -Oracle



                    1. Collect the data from your APPL_TOP to synchronize the tables in the database with the values from your APPL_TOP

                        Use the 'Update Current View Snapshot' option in adadmin :


                         $   adadmin  <follow initial prompts>

                                  2.    Maintain Applications Files menu

                                      4.    Maintain snapshot information

                                         2.    Update current view snapshot

                                            1.    Update Complete APPL_TOP




                    2. Request and Apply the TSP using Document 252422.1 Requesting Translation Synchronization Patches for details




                    Samya Sourav