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    Possible 5.1.2 Bug - Interactive Grid/Report Wizard showing duplicate Table/View Names and Columns


      We just upgraded one of our environments to When using the wizard to create Interactive Grid or Interactive Reports, we see duplicate entries in the Table/View Name drop-down, and once selected each column is also duplicated. There are also missing Table/View Owner entries. Everything worked fine in version prior to upgrading.  I believe this is a bug possibly related to DB grants, but I am not 100% sure.


      So far, here is what I think it MIGHT be:


      We are using APEX against an eBusiness Suite installation. We use APPS schema as the parsing schema for all of our APEX applications in this environment and store data in custom schema using grants for APPS. I noticed that the number of duplicate entries and/or missing entries SEEMS to correspond to the number of grants provided to the APPS schema. If there is a table with 5 grants to APPS, then it appears to display the table 5 times. If there are no explicit grants, then it doesn't appear to show up at all in the list.


      Here are a few screen prints:


      I will continue to play with it to see if it causes any issues, but I think this is a bug. Has anyone else seen this behavior?