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    Migrating a custom vb script from FDM to FDMee




      We are in the process of upgrading from to - we have some simple custom VB scripts that we would like to migrate, but having some issues.


      The scrip in our current system basically is very simple - just has two functions (1) focus on a location and delete a dimension mapper (for instance the Account mapper), and (2) load a new mapper from a text file


      Here is the script:


      Sub FDM_Import_BS_Account_Mapper()

      'the three following lines are added For Btach automation. You don’t need them when running directly into FD workbench

      Dim BATCHENG

      Set BATCHENG = CreateObject("upsWBatchLoaderDM.clsBatchLoader")


      'Define the point of view MsgBox Is added To display the value On the screen during debug

      API.POVMgr.PPOVLocation = "Europe_Bal_Sheet"

      strFilePath = "\\Tkc02shdb006w12\FDMEE\xxx\inbox\Europe_Bal_Sheet\FDM_Eur_BS_Acct_Mapper.tra"

      strDimension = "ACCOUNT"

      'Delete the previous Mapper

      RESULT1 = API.SQLUpdateMgr.fDataMapDelete(API.POVMgr.PPOVLocation, strDimension, "False")

      'Import the Mapper

      RESULT2 = API.IntBlockMgr.InterfaceMgr.fImpTRx(API.POVMgr.PPOVLocation, strFilePath, strDimension)

      End Sub



      When the script executes, basically nothing happens.  The problem is that the "log" is really useless - here is the log - doesn't give any errors:


      2017-08-31 13:27:48,273 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Process: 23, Log Level: 4, Log File: \\Tkc02shdb006w12\fdmee\Exide\outbox\logs\xxx_23.log

      2017-08-31 13:27:48,273 INFO  [AIF]: Location     : null (Partitionkey:null)

      2017-08-31 13:27:48,273 INFO  [AIF]: Period Name  : null (Period Key:null)

      2017-08-31 13:27:48,273 INFO  [AIF]: Category Name: null (Category key:null)

      2017-08-31 13:27:48,273 INFO  [AIF]: Rule Name    : Europe Custom Scripts Folder (Rule ID:10,183)

      2017-08-31 13:27:48,882 INFO  [AIF]: FDM Version:

      2017-08-31 13:27:48,882 INFO  [AIF]: Log File Encoding: UTF-8

      2017-08-31 13:27:49,273 INFO  [AIF]: Executing the following script: \\Tkc02shdb006w12\fdmee\xxx\data\scripts\custom\FDM_Import_BS_Account_Mapper.vbs

      Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8

      Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

      2017-08-31 13:27:49,367 INFO  [AIF]: FDMEE Process End, Process ID: 23


      Are we needing to use some new API commands?


      Appreciate any help......