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    APEX 5 - Tab Container


      I am not sure if this can be done or not. I have a Tab Container with three regions (as tabs). What I would like to happen is have  a dynamic action (or something) that when the second tab is clicked, the regions on the first tab are hidden.


      Does anyone know if this is possible?

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          Would JavaScript work better?

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            What version of Apex are you working on ?

            By "Tab Container" you mean a "Region Display Selector" ?

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              APEX 5.0.4


              I am using the template Tabs Container (not sure if that is the same as Region Display Selector).  With the Tabs Container, I can place other regions (Tabs Container region as parent) within this region. It creates a look that tabs are being used on the page.


              I would like to find some way to reference the tabs through dynamic action or javascript to know when a tab has been clicked/activated (or whatever) so that I can control other items/regions on the tab I just left. that page.



              Maybe there is a way to hide all items/regions on a region until that tab/region becomes active.


              I am open to any and all suggestions.