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    Need help on Wire Transmission Mechanism




      Bank has provided setup and requirements for the wire transmission file ..


      How to create a Wire Transfer File to be send to Bank to process in Oracle Payables


      Please need help how to start with.



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          Samya-Sourav - Senior Support Engineer -Oracle



          Oracle® Payables
          User's Guide
          Release 12.1
          Part No. E12797-04
          Recording Manual Payments and Wire Transfers

          When you create a payment outside of Payables, for example, using a typed check or
          wire transfer, within Payables you can record the payment and update the invoices that
          you paid.

          Note: A manual payment is the typical way to record a wire transfer.
          However, you can also use payment batches and Quick payments.

          Is Wire Transfer Supported In R12 Within Payments? (Doc ID 1270557.1)

          Actually for Wire transfer it's just recording that a Wire payment was done outside the Oracle System.
          A Wire Transfer is like a Manual Payment.






          Samya Sourav

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            Thanks for the valuable information.


            So the Wire transfer will need a customisation which will send a flat file to the bank to pay to the supplier account.Right?


            In the Payment Process how to create a Template and what are the things needs to take care in Template?Do I need to look at the bank requirements for creating Template?

            In the XML Template I found Standard "Wire transmission Template" but If i need to create a separate one please guide me the steps.