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    FDMEE Mappings

    Nishant Fukate

      Hello Experts,


      We are on PBCS and trying to load data using FDMEE. Basically, it is a multi column File based data load for all data types.

      Source data file looks like :



      Here DOL is the Account where a date is coming. We want to decide the Custom2 member on the basis of value coming for column C. i.e. If we have value 2017 in coumn C then Custom2 will be YY2017. in a similar way, if it is having value 2018 then Custom2 member will be YY2018.


      Can we handle it using data load mappings? Any possible way to do this?





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          Isn't it as straight forward as setting up a Custom2 wildcard map for each year you want to represent using Column C as the source value?

          For example:

          Source         Target

          *2017            YY2017

          *2018            YY2018