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    Tracking contact change history


      Hi Eloqua experts,


      Is it possible to see the change history of a contact, including who/where the change was made?


      I'm trying to get to the bottom of how some seemingly good data was changed prior to campaign deployment which caused some disgruntlement among customers.


      I'd like to be able to see if a program, user, or even form submission, may have changed a contact field and when. Is this possible?


      Any help greatly appreciated!


      PS - I tried searching for this functionality and all I found was a feature request, so my hopes are not high!


      PPS - Eloqua 10

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          Hi Steven,


          I've only really had luck on these sort of things through auditing a contact's activity report (including PB, form submissions and etc), on top of matching a campaign's entry time with any possible historical uploads within a 1 - 2 week span to catch any issues.  If there's a mismatch in your CRM, where the CRM data is the gold standard, a lot of work is put towards cross-referencing tables in regular intervals to try to catch it in real time.


          If there's anything that we can do to help, please let me know and I'd be glad to further brainstorm with you.


          Best Regards,

          Hong Tai Lee

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            I could think of only one solution for this.


            You will have to send all the fields to salesforce and then enable field tracking history in Salesforce and fetch the report from there.


            In Eloqua we can't do this.




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              Thanks HongTai and Shivangi_Awasthi


              I realise I missed out a crucial piece of info in my original post: the project to bring together all the various CRMs in the organisation into one, integrated CRM moves slower than the project to roll out Eloqua.


              This means that we don't have any 'gold standard' data source and we are at the mercy of users following our best practice documentation for now.


              I suspect that Eloqua does not have any user-level auditing functionality - e.g.. Did UserA modify this contact yesterday.

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                Hi Steve,


                Your suspicions are correct.  I can only think of methods to set up "ears" in the system, and I've tried this to lay at least some sort of ground to probe which direction I should pursue.


                I pretty much created a CDO that has no unique identifier, and a "feeder" chain that picks up any modified contacts within the last hour that later feeds it into a form submitter app that makes a record in the CDO (with the fields in concern).  After some sorting in Excel, it would at least narrow down the change window to hours and not days and at least serve as a palatable next step of investigation. 


                Also, you have a wonderful website.  If there's anything else I can do to be of assistance, please let me know.


                Best Regards,

                Hong Tai Lee

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