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    APEX RESTful Services ORA-29273: HTTP request failed


      Hello everyone


      I am using Oracle 12.2 on Windows 10 Pro. Along with APEX 5.1.2 and ORDS 3.11 standalone. All are running on the same server.


      I have created a web service via SQL Workshop that just returns the results from select * from dept. When I test this it works fine and returns the correct results. I now want to create a report to display the results. I have created a web service reference that uses the following URL:


      When I test this I get the following error:

      ORA-29273: HTTP request failed


      The URL returns the correct data when I run it independently in a browser.


      I don't get any other error message other than the one mentioned. When I replicate the web services and create the reference on apex.oracle.com it works fine so I'm guessing it is some privilege/setting issue - I just don't know where to start looking. Can anyone give me any pointers please?


      Any help much appreciated