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    regarding email request to upgrade office 2007 on my laptop...




      I got the mail below requiring me to upgrade the office 2007. However, when I clicked the link suggested by the email. I am told that " no required action detected. I am confused what I should do. Please help





      It is your responsibility to ensure all (Oracle or personally owned) computers you use for Oracle business are compliant with security policy requirements. You have received this monthly alert from Global IT because one or more of your computers is missing required security software or has a Microsoft Office 2007 product installed (Office 2007, Project 2007, or Visio 2007). Microsoft no longer provides security patches for its 2007 products.

      Your prompt attention is required.

      Corrective Actions

      From the machine(s) listed below, please visit MyDesktop and follow instructions in the Required Actions banner or request a newer version of your software from MyDesktop and install it on your machine as soon as possible. The newer software will automatically uninstall the unprotected MS 2007 version. If you no longer need this software, you must uninstall the MS 2007 version manually using your Control Panel.



      Machines with MS 2007 software

      Office Standard 2007

      Laptop - Lenovo ThinkPad T450