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    how to use custom fields in e-mail?


      I have a question regarding Eloqua.


      I have made a form. In this form i have made custom fields that people are filling in. Now the data for this will be in the form submission data. Which is good.

      Once people filled in the form, they will receive an e-mail.
      I want to display the form submission data of that form into the e-mail they will receive.


      How do i do that?

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          Michelle Tiedeman

          I would recommend that you set up a Custom Object that mirrors the form data that isn't captured elsewhere (on the contact record, for example) and add a processing step to your form to Update Custom Data Object - With Form Data (perform appropriate mappings, etc).  You can create merge fields from the custom object records and add these to your email.


          Instead of using the processing step Send Submitter an Email, use Add to Campaign, which can include a wait step of a minute or so before the email is sent.  This will allow the process to get the data into the Custom Object before the email is sent.


          Test, test, test before launching.


          Hopefully that will get you started!