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    User Inteface ->Concatenated Files  concept


      Hello APEX Experts,


      I have read about  Concatenated Files in to user interfaces. But I tried to include all single files like, /i/libraries/apex/minified/desktop.min.js?v= , /i/libraries/apex/minified/legacy.min.js?v=, /i/libraries/jquery-migrate/1.4.1/jquery-migrate-1.4.1.min.js?v=  etc. and one file is like #APP_IMAGES#js/all.min.js?version=#APP_VERSION#. But I couldn't find any changes in to front end .


      Does anyone can explain to me about this ? Concatenated Files


      Using a concatenated file can increase the performance of loading your page because instead of issuing multiple HTTP requests for each single file, the browser only loads one file. This approach gives you the option to use smaller, more modular files during development and to use a single concatenated file when running the application outside of the Application Express development environment.

      To create a concatenated file, click Concatenated File and follow the on-screen instructions. To learn more and view examples, see field-level Help.