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    Unable to create access control administration page.

    Marcel Hoefs

      I am unable to create an Access Control Administration Page using the wizard. The wizard ends with the rather uninformative error message:


      1 error has occurred

      • Unable to create access control administration page.


      I am using:

      • Apex on Oracle EE
      • parsing schema database user has the following privileges directly granted:
        • create table
        • create trigger
        • create sequence
        • create procedure


      After running the wizard the following database objects have been created:

      • APEX_ACCESS_CONTROL_SEQ => sequence
      • APEX_ACCESS_SETUP => table
      • BI_APEX_ACCESS_SETUP => trigger
      • APEX_ACCESS_SETUP_PK => index
      • APEX_ACCESS_SETUP_UK => index


      So part of the work the wizard intends to perform was successful.


      I have read other discussions on this problem and I have tried granting the following privileges mentioned in these discussions directly to the parsing schema database user without effect:

      • create any context
      • create cluster
      • create dimension
      • create indextype
      • create job
      • create materialized view
      • create operator
      • create synonym
      • create type
      • create view
      • select any table


      So now I am stuck and hoping somebody has an idea how to debug this problem. Or of course how to solve this problem.


      Thank you for your help.


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          Marcel Hoefs

          I realize this is a hard problem to solve based on the information I have given in the post. So I decided to do a SQL trace on the APEX process that creates the access control administration page. After studying the trace file I have found that the real error is being suppressed by the APEX wizard. The error that was bugging me was: ORA-01536: space quota exceeded for tablespace 'USERS'. So that of course is easy to solve, but you have to know what to solve in the first place.


          So as en enhancement request to the APEX development team: please always show the complete error stack when something goes wrong in the APEX development environment. Otherwise you leave us searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack.


          And also for further reference, the APEX documentation is correct that you only need the following preferences:


          • create table
          • create trigger
          • create sequence


          Thank you for your help,