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    HFM java service not starting


      New Installation of in a distributed environment.

      OS: Windows 2012

      DB: SQL 2012 server and using Windows authentication

      After installation and configuration trying to start the EPM system. HFM Java server service is not starting.

      HyS9FinancialManagementJavaServer-sysout.log has

      <Error> <oracle.FM.HSXDATAACCESS.oracle.epm.fm.dal.manager.DALDataSource> <BEA-000000> <HFM Database is not configured properly. Database related information is not available from HIT registry.>


      <Error> <oracle.FM.HSX.SERVER.oracle.epm.fm.hsxserver.HsxServer> <BEA-000000> <An error occurred while starting HSX_SERVER_NAME service.


      oracle-epm-fm-hsx-server.log has

      • oracle.epm.fm.common.exception.HFMException: EPMHFM-66032: HFM Database is not configured properly. Database related information is not available from HIT registry.


      As read me it is still known issue


      HsxServer does not start when using integrated user authentication for SQL server.


      SOLUTION : Until a permanent solution is available, use the mixed mode option of "SQL Server and Windows Authentication".

      as per Hyperion Financial Management Applications Will Not Start When Microsoft SQL Server is Enabled With Windows Authentication Mode Only (Doc ID 2276067.1)


      I was thinking the solution is setting / configuration on SQL server.

      SQL DBAs confirmed mixed mode authentication is used on SQL server. So now not sure why I am still getting error.


      Does any one faced this issue?


      Was the solution above asking to configure HFM database using SQL server authentication? If so, in the environment I have other products configured using windows authentication. Configuring only HFM DB using SQL authentication when all other products DBs are configured with Windows authentication cause any issues?


      In the HFM SQL db, I see some objects are created in dbo schema and some in [domain\user1] schema (user1 is windows authentication user provided while configuring db).

      in EPMA db all are in dbo schema.

      FR, SS, CalcMgr, EAS, Essbase studio etc all SQL objects are in [domain\user1] schema.

      Is it expected?


      Appreciate your response.