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    OBIEE 12c Change Global Default Font Size?


      I have a request where our users want to increase the font size on the reports.


      The simplest way would be to modify each and every report column and increase the font size, but I was wondering has anyone tried to modify the global default font size?


      I was reading about custom skins and war files, but not sure if I really want to go that far to create a whole new custom skin/war file.


      I "simply" (famous last words) want to change the default font size for all graphs in OBIEE 12c at a global level.


      Am I too wishful in thinking theres a single location to hopefully do this?

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          So I went and did a lot more reading and research and came across some verbage on creating a custom EAR file


          I was told that this file would be a good place to start: bicustom-template.ear


          I can see that it does have a lot of properties that can modify the overall look and feel of OBIEE, but within here I can not seem to find a property that would allow me to modify the default font size, for the contents of a table.


          Would anyone know which file I should look at, or is it even possible to set a "default" font size for table results?

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            Agreed! there is no one-stop shop to change the global font changes, yet.


            custom.ear is the best place to work on the font changes. There is a method to change the OOTB behavior ( view.css) , if you are so sure of what you are doing