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    Oracle EBS clone to new server with same name

    Manish Bhasin



      We are planning to migrate our ebs 12.1.3 application to new server but we plan to keep the same host name ,i am facing issue while cloning on new machine by keeping the same host name.


      Following are the steps followed



      1 create new server with oracle 7 Linux

      2 existing machine run perl adcfgpreclone appsTier

      3 copy the apps folder from old machine to new machine

      4 rename the old machine to other name ,rename the new machine with existing EBS application server name

      5 run the adcfgclone clone into new machine with same name ,but here i am facing this issue



      we are changing oracle EBS app machine hardware which is having new server , in this we will keep everything same which is hostname and all other properties like APPL_TOP etc.


      When cloning the application Tier it is not asking me the following question ,instead it is asking me to enter the port pool,please advice


      "Do you want the target system to have the same port values as the source system (y/n) [y] ?

      Please suggest if we can clone from source to target with the same host name and how.