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    Requisition cannot be approved by email



      We currently have an issue for one particular user.

      He is not able to approve requisition via email notification he received in his inbox.

      When user click in Approve Link, the process seems to be completed however, the requisition remains In Process Status. When Checking Workflow Notifications the Status is Pending.

      In other words whenever a user click in the email workflow Notification for approval,it is not updating the workflow status .


      However, he can approve the same requisition by logging into oracle EBS from his tasklist.


      Please advise why he can no longer approve via email. It was working fine earlier. No changes or patches were installed recently that could have caused this issue and why is it only happening to a single user.

      We get no error either when trying to approve via the email. The requisition's status simply does not change and remains as pending.