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    Oracle HCM Cloud to EPBCS Integration (release 17.09) -  Initialize and Test Connection fail


      In EPBCS (17.09), I'm trying to setup integration between our Oracle HCM Cloud instance and EPBCS.

      In FDMEE Setup, I define a new Oracle HCM Cloud source system.   I click the Initialize button

      and get the following error response:   Please define dimension classification for your

      dimensions before Initializing Source System.



      According the EPBCS doc (https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/epm-common/ERPIA/hcm_process_102xcc82639c.htm#ERPIA-GUID-72673B27-039A-471A-AE56-C8… )

      I first need to assign a dimension classification to all seeded EPBCS dimension in my Target Application.   I double checked the setup, and this step has been done, but I'm still

      getting the above error.      


      Message was edited by: Tinotarantino-Oracle I now get a SUCCESSFUL "Test Connection" the the Oracle HCM Cloud WSDL.   This was initially failing because I did not import HCM Extracts first. However,  the Initialize step is still failing.