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    How to run ASCP diagnostics? (Doc ID 2268495.1)


      Hi ALL,


      ASCP 12.1 & 12.2


      I am reading below  the docs but I can not understand how to run diagnostics.

      Value Chain Planning (VCP) Single Submission Diagnostic Bundle Perl Program for VCP Data Collections Single Submission - Multiple Output - Analyzers, APScheck, APScheck Parser (Doc ID 2268495.1)


      The instruction it said is:

      • Create a new directory
      • Download the zip contained in this note to that new directory
      • Submit the diagnostic bundle Perl program


      I already created the directory and downloaded the zip file containing:

      - diagnostic_bundle.pl
      - APSCHECK.sql
      - APSCHECK Parser
      - VCP Partitions Analyzer.sql


      But it did not give instruction on how to run the diagnostic_bundle.pl 



      Please help how to run diagnostic_bundle.pl



      Kind regards,