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    Lead Scoring, Segments, and other action based marketign


      Hello Everyone,


      I wanted to start a discussion and get some opinions for people at Topliners about their uses of Lead Scoring, Segmentation, and action based marketing.

      In our current marketing model, we currently use all component, with Lead Scoring being on of the lesser used and Segmentation on of the more popular used.  We have not initiated an account based marketing plan, so most of our CRM integrations are based on actions, such as a specific form submission or page visit. 


      My use case.  Multiple business divisions, working within one Eloqua instance, and each business division has multiple brands they are working with.   So, in my opinion, I like to create a higher level Lead Scoring model per business division and/or brand.  Then I like to use the lead scoring model as a hierarchy for for segments.   Then Using the segments to build campaigns, I will make the action based marketing the most specific criteria for feeding users to our sales team or integration program.  For example:  I want to target all A3's -C3's for an upcoming webinar.  Then in the segment I will further include or excluded based on past attendance or downloads.  Finally, feed the segment into the campaign, and if they register, they are added to the queue of a sales rep for them to make arrangements with.


      So, how are you using these assets.  Are you all in on one or have a variety of use cases for each.  I would like to hear your feed back.


      Thank you everyone!

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          Hi Justin,


          We use all of the things you mentioned above. I work on a smaller marketing team and do about 75% of the work within Eloqua. We use a lot of what you mentioned around events, both on-site conferences, webcasts, etc. We have two lead scoring models running right now, based on industry subset, with MQL delivery happening in SFDC with the automatic creation of tasks based on lead score.

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            Ben Murray

            I've used all of the modules you mention except for account-based as it's usually the most difficult to implement due to all of the parties involved and also how it interacts with the CRM.  Usually I leave that task to the CRM.


            For Lead Scoring with multiple business units, I have worked with both Program Builder scoring as well as what I would call E10 Scoring with that newer platform design.  I've found I've built just as many models using both platforms. The Program Builder is more powerful but harder to setup and it does things like filter so only certain groups are scored and not the whole database.  Whereas the E10 model is for the whole database and I've been cautioned in the past by Eloqua support not to run too many models to, "maintain system integrity".  That's scared me away from it most of the time except for high level models like you describe.

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              Ben this is interesting. Question, did support provide any further clarity regarding what "maintaining system integrity" signified?

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                Ben Murray

                Michael - At the time they suggested that optimally you want to run 1-3 lead scoring models, 4-6 was doable, but they cautioned as you would approach 10 models or more that it could affect system integrity.  At the time I was working with a large enterprise client who was running 14 scoring models for different business units in Program Builder and looked to migrate them over to the newer platform, but they were strongly advised against it so I've typically stuck to the structure of 1-3 models for high-level scoring in the E10 way and then anything further or more specific needs to continue to be built in Program Builder.

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                  Thanks @Ben Murray,


                  You really had some great content and I shared it with Lead Scoring Alert  this post.  If you have some time could you weigh in on that post?


                  Thanks again!