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    XML Gateway AP Inbound Integration


      Hello All,

      We are implementing XML gateway AP Inbound and PO Outbound integration with Dell.


      I'm new to XML gateway, i did look at multiple documents for inbound and outbound XML gateway. But we were not to able identify what protocol address/setups that needs to performed from our side to provide info to Dell so they can send us AP invoice through gateway. After reading some of oracle document's it seems like OTA is somehow attached or integrated to business events.. Do we have to map oracle provided business events to something(it can be url or something) and provide that info to Dell.? So that when they send AP invoice information our OTA agents knows that dell is trying to send invoice information and it enqueues to ECX_INQUEUE table.


      For outbound, Dell provided us with Protocol address, User Name and Password. Which when PO approved, it kicked off PO approval workflow and it internally callled POXML. We verifed ECX_OUTQUEUE and ready for delivery. We started OTA services which tried to send payload (clob file) to supplier. Outbound process is working fine, but we struggling with AP inbound XML gateway setups.


      Can someone please help me understanding the setups/ steps that needs to be performed for receiving AP invoice information through XML gateway.


      Thanks in Advance.