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    Accounting details for GST purchasing module in r12 apps




      The tax details should be accounted to a particular account head and the line amount should be accounted to other but in our case when I open any purchase invoice and see the distributions it is showing the both line amount and tax amount are accounted to same account. I had gone through the GST pre-release documents provided by oracle and found that the final accounting will happen only after receiving (confirming the taxes). We are pretty sure that the GST taxes will be accounted the separate account heads. Please help me to find at what point in the P2P cycle the tax is getting accounted to other tax account heads.


      Problem Example:

      The GST taxes are CGST (Code combination id=100),SGST(Code combination id=101)

      The line amount will be accounted to CCID=105 for all other invoices.

      When I create an invoice for purchase order and apply GST taxes on it the distributions shows 3 lines: 1)line amount 2)CGST 3)SGST all to the same head of account(CCID=1005)

      But there should be a point in P2P cycle where the GST taxes will be accounted to CCID=100 and CCID=101 and am not able to find this. Please help me.