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    Multi-Step Campaigns

    Quincey Langworthy

      I have activated a multi step campaign and some of the numbers seem to clash with the numbers from the original email that I sent out. I set up the campaign to be based on those who click on the email and when I look at the email metrics it shows 20 unique clicks but the campaign only shows 3 people clicked on the email and are making their way through the multi-step campaign. Any thoughts on why this is would be helpful!

      Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.50.39 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.51.05 AM.png

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          AJ Sedlak

          Hi Quincey,


          When you say "unique clicks", are you certain you're looking at UNIQUE and not TOTAL clicks? Your screenshot shows 29 total, not 29 unique.


          Aside from your question, I noticed a couple of other items to note...


          Is the "Flow Awareness" email on the left (NO) branch the exact same as the one you're checking clicks for above? You can't re-send the same email to a contact who already received it without enabling the appropriate option on the email action. Forgive me if you knew this, but I can't tell how things are configured by this screenshot.


          Also, near the bottom of your canvas, you need a wait step after your email actions before checking for clicks. Otherwise you are sending the email, checking IMMEDIATELY for clicks (of which there will be almost none) and then moving on to more logic. You have to give the contacts time before evaluating actions. An alternative to the wait step, in some cases, is setting an evaluation period to the "clicked email?" evaluation step, but that's not always appropriate for your needs.

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            Christine Uncles

            Hi Quincey -


            A few thoughts here and please let me know if I can better explain any part as I can sometimes ramble

            Have you looked at whether the email(s) were forwarded to anyone? I wonder if any of the 20 unique clicks could have come from that, and if they're not identified in Eloqua or within the segment on the second campaign canvas, that could explain why three contacts are making it their way through instead of 20.


            Another thing to consider is whether you have filters setup within your segment for a Master Exclude list, hard bounces, or opt-outs. Perhaps contacts that clicked the original email are now being excluded for one of those possible reasons.


            Looking at the flow of the campaign canvas in the first image, I see that there doesn't appear to be an evaluation period setup for determining whether the contact has clicked the 3D Biology - Flow Awareness immediately following the the email sends at 8am and the other at 9am. In my experience, if contacts are sent directly to an evaluation period immediately following being sent an email, unless they click within the few seconds or minutes they're in that evaluation period, they will be sent straight through to the next step. You could test this again with the following campaign flow without deactivating the current one:


            Which would then add them back to the step within your campaign you want them to be at.


            Keep in mind, too, that if you don't configure the email to allow emails to be resent to a contact (assuming they already received it) they'll sit in the email step until you manually move them.


            I hope these suggestions/thoughts help and give you some ideas for moving forward with the campaign!

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              Quincey Langworthy

              Hi there,


              Thank you for your help! I have never had to manually move people through a campaign. How do I go about this? And if I edit the segment will this reflect in the campaign? I want to remove people who have been sent an email within the past week to avoid spamming.

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                AJ Sedlak

                You can manually move contacts by double-clicking on the blue number in the corner of a step. Once the list loads, you can select individual or all and then use the commands to move them to another step.


                Editing the segment will not change this campaign, since you had it set for a one-time activation. Even in a re-evaluation situation, segment changes can only add to a canvas, not remove. If you need to remove contacts, you'll have to do it by adding filtering logic to the canvas.

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                  AJ Sedlak

                  By the way, I see the unique click metric further down on your screen shot now.

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                    Quincey Langworthy

                    Thank you so much! I was completely unaware that there was this functionality.

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                      AJ Sedlak

                      Quincey, if you feel your question has been answered, please mark it as such so that it is no longer listed as an unanswered question.