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    Filtering data from Union Report

    Souvik Manna



      I have a scenario where I am building a report that does union of two reports - "Open Purchase Order" and "Closed Purchased Order" - built from two different subject areas.


      "Closed Purchase Order" has a column "Received Date" and also a filter on this column as "is prompted".


      "Open Purchase Order" does not have this column and instead has a hard coded date value.


      From the dashboard, when I do not select any value for "Received Date", both the reports returns records which is expected.


      But when I select some date value for "Received Date" on dashboard, "Closed Purchase Order" report is filtered as per the date, while all the records from "Open Purchase Order" reports are returned.


      I want to put some restriction so that when a "Received Date" is passed from dashboard, union report will return only the valid records from "Closed Purchase Order" report and no record from "Open Purchase Order".


      Any idea how I can achieve this?