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    Database objects update


      My dear friends,




      I have a silly doubt that I dont't understand and I hope that you help me.




      How can I know when a database object source code was updaded. I knoww that in table dba_objects exists several columns with this information but when I really know when the source code of a some procedure for instance was changed, becouse a simple compile command can updated this columns or am I wrong?


      Help me to understand this.






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          Whenever source code is changed, LAST_DDL_TIME  column will be changed in dba_objects views. This column LAST_DDL_TIME represents the last change of any object in database




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            Hello Venkat,


            How are you?


            Thanks for replying.


            See where my doubt comes from.


            I had fourteen objects on column last_ddl_time with today´s date, so, I ran the package utl_recomp to compile all database objects. after compile is done, I found fourty two objects on column last_ddl_time with today´s date but the source code of this objects was not change, the source code is the same for all objects compiled.


            I need to know the update date only the objects that really changed the source code.