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    Post-Query functionality for APEX?

    van Baal HR

      Hi y'all experts!


      I am looking for some post-query similar behaviour for APEX. Within my form, I have a list of values, that I use to show the short name and the long name of some tools the customers use. Unfortunately when I write the query like the following query, the resultset does not display all too well.

      SELECT sbt_ken|| ' '|| sbt_bez as d

           , sbt_ken                 as r

        FROM sta_behaelter_typ


      I have created a page-item for the long name, but the problem then is how to fill it, when the user uses the list of values to change the value. In most cases the new long name does not fit the new short name. With 'Dynamic Action' I do not find the place, where I can put the query.


      Any good ideas?


      Thank you ver much


      Hans van Baal

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          I am not sure what is your problem. There is no equivalent for this. In Forms you can sefine multiple columns as Display Columns. In APEX you have 1 Display Column and an equivalent return value.

          When you use a "Popup LOV" as Item Type you can choose for Input Type between

          Enterable, Show and Store Return Value
          Not Enterable, Show Display Value and Store Return Value

          You have to define the Items "Source Type" to be "Database Column". And then use the apropriate LOV Definition to "translate" the stored return value into a visible display value.

          Kind regards,

          Tom W.

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