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    FDMEE to load data in HSF


      Hi everyone,


      Going through the documentation, it seems that FDMEE does not support HSF as a target although FDM did at some point.

      The scenario i am interested in is extracting data from HFM in order to load them in HSF. An alternative would be to extract the data in a flat file and load it in HSF as a scond step.

      Has anyone encountered a similar challenge in the past? Are there any other alternatives involving ODI/FDMEE customization? What do you believe?


      Thanks in advance

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          Francisco Amores



          you can create a data load rule to extract data from HFM and create a file for a custom application.

          Then you can build a script to load that file into HSF using the command line utility.

          If the HSF server is not the same as the FDMEE server you may have to install the utility there or use psexec.


          I hope that helps

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            Thank you Francisco,


            I recall that HSF was to be included as a target in FDMEE v but until now nothing has happened towards that end.


            Another question : In your opinion what would be the best option to load data in HSF since FDMEE is not an option? custom processes in ETL tools (eg SSIS) that create files to be loaded in a second step using the HSF utility?