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    Mapping in SQLDeveloper


      Hi folks,

      I'm using SQL Developer to import some csv to Oracle tables (Connection=>Table=>'Import data...'). Because I have some complicated configuration I use the 'Recovery status' and 'Save status' buttons, but when I click the recovery button all the column's mapping arte lost... Someone have some workaround?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Which SQL Developer release are you using?


          On 17.3, I see that the .sdimp file (persisted via Save State) can be reloaded with Restore State, and simple changes are correctly restored. For example, excluding a column, changing the format mask of a DATE data type, and so on.  Can you post images of a case which is incorrectly restored?

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            HI Gary,

            actually I'm using 17.2. No problems for me about loaded columns, but anyway the mapping between loaded columns and db fields is lost. As you can see in the following snapshot (I'm sorry, it's in italian...), at any column (left side) I see the same first field ('Articolo' in this case...)

            Have you this behavior?

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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              I guess you are using Match By: None, then mapping every column as needed.  I have bad news and good news (sort of).


              I tested by doing a Save State using 17.2 for the case of importing an export of HR.EMPLOYEES in default column order with Match By: None. For this scenario the Data Import Wizard...


              1. Doing a Restore State from that .sdimp file works in the 4.1.x versions if I leave Match By: None alone.

              2. However, if I toggle between the Match By values, the go back to None, the same behavior you see in 17.2 occurs.

              3. Does not work in 4.2 -- same behavior you see.


              The good news: in 17.3, a validation on the .sdimp file errors out, presumably telling us 17.3  requires a remapping...


              So I recommend upgrading to 17.3 and remapping, otherwise keep a 4.1.x version around to import with that .sdimp.

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                Gary Graham-Oracle

                No, it seems that even after remapping on 17.3 we get the same behavior.


                Please log a Service Request with My Oracle Support.

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                  Hi folks.

                  ok, after 17 of SQLDev releases it seems impossible we again have this kind of issues, this feature should be basic...

                  Anyway I try to send a Service Request. Many thanks to you for your time and answers.

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                    Joyce Scapicchio-Oracle

                    I am sorry you are having trouble with this feature.  I have started looking at the issue and have been able to reproduce it in 17.3.  You are correct that it should restore the mappings that you set.  In my case I have a file with column header, but the column names are different from the column names in the table.  I manually map the column names and save the config before finishing.  I have found the source of the problem, and can offer you a possible work-around that is not very pretty, but may save you from having to redo all of your mappings.


                    Open the import wizard and select the data file and DO NOT open the state file (sdimp).  Page forward to the Column Definition page and select Match By NONE.  Page back and then restore the state (sdimp).  When you get to the Column Definition page verify that the mappings are retained.


                    The issue is in the initialization of the Column Definition page and I hope that this will get around the problem for you as it does for me. 


                    When you file the service request, please include the following if possible to ensure that the fix will work for your exact case:

                    The Create Table (table and columns is enough)

                    A small sample of the file (including the header if there is one)

                    The sdimp file that you saved.

                    The wizard selections on each page.


                    Thank you for using SQLDeveloper and for reporting this issue.

                    Joyce Scapicchio

                    Development Team for SQLDeveloper