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    DBMS_OUTPUT in UDF function shown in SQL Developer


      I have a simple test function:




      1. create or replace function put_line_function return string as 
      2. begin 
      3. dbms_output.put_line('this is some output'); 
      4. return 'x'
      5. end put_line_function; 


      in sql developer I




      Then I open the DBMS output window


      then I connected the dbms output window to the same db as my sql worksheet.


      then I call the function in a simple sql:

      select put_line_function from dual;


      But I never see the DBMS_OUTPUT from the PUT_LINE function


      My goal was to have my db functions spit out informational messages when useful to our database team.


      Is there a way to do this in oracle user defined functions?



      ps: I also had this at the start of my function, but it did not help either: