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    REST data services subtree

    Earl Lewis

      I'm using SQL Developer 17.3 on a Mac, OS X 10.11.6. connecting to a local guest VM. The VM is Virtual Box Oracle Linux 7.1, Oracle 12c, ORDS, Apex ORDS is already installed and running on the VM, which is different from what most of the SQL Developer video tutorials show. They seem to be showing that you run/start ORDS from SQL Developer (I think). My ORDS instance is already running on the VM, since I'm using it for my Apex work (which I also access from my host browser, via the local guest VM network connection. Those parts all work fine.).


      When I open a connection in SQL Developer I don't see any of the Restful services that have been defined in my schema. For a while I wasn't even seeing the REST Data Services part of the tree and thanks to a video tutorial by thatJeffSmith-Oracle I found out that you can actually filter the tree and turning things off and back on got that portion of the tree showing up. However, none of the modules, privileges and roles appear in the tree. I've created the ones that are there via Apex and I can modify and run them from Apex, but no go from SQL Developer.


      I've had lots of trouble understanding exactly what the secret sauce is to make this all work together, so I'm not really surprised that things aren't showing up correctly. I just want to know the right incantation to cast on this awesome tool to bring it to life. help...