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    Using REST and JSON

    Richard Legge

      Hi All,


      APEX 5.1, SE 12.1


      I've created some rest data services in the database using ORDS.Define etc, and I can successfully call the service from postman. I can't however register it in APEX


      here is an example of my ORDS service



          p_module_name    => 'invoice',

          p_pattern        => 'create/',

          p_method         => 'POST',

          p_source_type    => ORDS.source_type_plsql,

          p_source         => 'DECLARE

                               ret varchar2(255);

                               err_msg VARCHAR2(100);


                                ret := CF_INVOICE.INS_INVOICE (

                                P_SUPPLIER_ID => :SUPPLIER_ID,

                                P_INV_REF => :INV_REF,

                                P_ENTITY_BANK_ACC => :BANK_ACC_ID,

                                P_INV_DATE => to_date(:INV_DATE,''DD-MON-YYYY''),

                                P_COMMENTS => :COMMENTS,

                                P_ENTITY_BUDGET_CAT_ID => :ENTITY_BUDGET_CAT_ID,

                                P_SUBJECT => :SUBJECT,

                                P_CREATED_BY => ''WEB SERVICE'');


                                htp.print(''{ "INVOICE_ID": ''||ret||'' }'');



                                WHEN OTHERS THEN

                                   err_msg := SUBSTR(SQLERRM, 1, 100);

                                  htp.print(''{ "Error": "''||err_msg||''" }'');                        




          p_items_per_page => 0);


      then in postman, I call


      { "SUPPLIER_ID": "888893951", "INV_REF": "Test Ref", "ENTITY_BANK_ACC": "1346", "INV_DATE": "01-MAR-2017", "COMMENTS": "Test Comments", "ENTITY_BUDGET_CAT_ID": "201", "SUBJECT": "Test Subject" }


      This all works fine, and I get an invoice inserted, and an invoice number back.


      However, Im trying to register this as a Web Service in APEX (shared components\Web Service References. ).  Web Reference   REST, Type = POST, and fill in the input parameters. When I try testing it, I get ORA-1403 no data found.

      Why would this work fine using postman, but when I try in APEX I get an error?


      If anyone can help.


      Many Thanks