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    How to ensure the same corporate font appears for all users using an APEX app


      APEX 5.1.3

      Chrome latest

      Universal Theme 42

      Oracle DB 12.2


      I have an issue that has come up at work in regards to a need to display the same obscure font for all users viewing an Apex web application.  My client has a corporate font (poppins) which is not standard but needs it on all apex pages. I have created a theme using theme roller and applied it to the app and it looks fine. I had to download the font though from google web fonts.  Is it possible somehow to always have that font appear for all users (who are public browsers) irrespective of the fonts they have installed in the browser or must each user download the font (e.g. google fonts) prior to running the app.  So I'm asking I suppose, can a font be downloaded what the app? If not, is there another way of guaranteeing the correct font for all users?

      thanks in advance