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    (-ve) points against Apps DBA


      Dear Apps Experts,


      I have 3+ yes experience as an Oracle Core DBA

      Now i am looking for Apps DBA.


      One senior Guy suggested me , everything will be on cloud.

      Especially all are from apps side.


      He made a statement Learning apps is making our life as 'dark'

      No future or no job security for Apps side.


      Please guide me, As i said above ,


      1) Wont there be any future for Oracle Apps DBAs ?

      2) what about future of Apps DBAs ? Good or Very bad ?

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          I am afraid your senior guy is right.  All future Oracle Applications deployments will be in the cloud in Oracle's Orwellian future.  Most on premise Oracle offerings are being obsoleted and not getting any more updates.


          Oracle is only compensating their sales reps for Oracle Applications deployments on Oracle's cloud, and this move is gutting demand for Oracle Applications DBA knowledge, along with Oracle Applications projects.


          Oracle is so desperate to compete with AWS, that it is betting the entire farm on cloud.  The best analogy I can come up with for what is happening in the business is think of Oracle as GM, Ford, Mercedes, BMW combined into one massive car company.  All of a sudden, this car company decides it needs to compete with Tesla (a niche luxury electric car company that barely sells 100k units a year), that it will only sell fully autonomous, self driving cars with no steering wheel, accelerator or controls.  If you want to change the air temperature in the car, you have to buy a mobile app on your phone and make a REST API call to the cloud.  Same for changing the radio station.  The self driving car will go half a fast as a normal user driven car for safety reasons, and since you are actually subscribing to a service, your self driving car will pick up other passengers on the way to your final destination.  But since it is cloud, it is much "better and safer" than what you have now.  The end result of this future is rather than buying new cars every 3-5 years, people keep driving their existing cars into the ground for 15-20 years because they like them better and do not trust their lives (data) to the cloud.


          Most companies that run Oracle Apps will continue to run Oracle Apps until there is a good competitor to SAP for the features they rely on in Oracle Apps.  If Oracle can make their cloud ERP compete with Oracle Apps functionality, there is no future for Apps DBAs because Oracle will do all of that work.


          It really does take 3-5 years to become effective as an Apps DBA.  I cannot in good conscious recommend this career to anyone not already heavily invested it it while Oracle is only pushing for cloud deployments.  In order to have any future, we really need to have an Equifax moment for cloud ERP, with a high profile data breach to bring people to their senses.  Barring that, things do look very dark.

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            Hi MdTaylor,


            I gone through your reply.

            Still i have some questions. pls post your reply.


            1) what is the future of Oracle APPS DBA in the course of introduction of Oracle 18c.


            2) what is the future of Weblogin/SOA/Fusion middle ware technology/jobs isHn the course of introduction of Oracle 18c.


            3) people were saying the that Oracle Apps,weblogic/SOA/Fusion Middleware jobs will become extinct. They have to search
               for other domains/jobs. Is it true?

            4) actually, i am planning ot learn Oracle Apps DBA,weblogic/SOA/Fusion Middleware. So can anyone give idea whether
               shall i take up the above mentioned courses. Or shall i drop Learing the above mentioned Technologies ?


            5) Kindly any one in the forum please guide me for the above mentioned issue(regarding studying of the above mentioned
            technology for future carrier ) -which will impact my carrier ?


            As i had already informed in my previous post - my friends were saying - and suggesting that, no need for us to study the
            above mentioned technologies. kindly guide me and please suggest from for my future carrier.


            Thanks in advance.

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              If you can get trained up in functional cloud implementation/support etc there are a huge number of jobs being advertised at the moment (mainly consultancy) for that.