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    Graphs Disappear When Attributes in Sections Set to Display as Slider

    Geoff Winkworth

      I've searched the knowledge / bug database, as well as Googled it to death, but I'm having an issue with OBIEE


      We've got several analyses that have graphs with section sliders.  Ever since upgrading to, graphs in those analyses with sliders have disappeared in IE 11 (11.0.9600.18697); they appear to be working just fine in Firefox.


      If I fire up the Developer Tools in IE, I see the following error message when trying to access an analysis with a slider:


      "saw.ajax.Connection._handleNotification: Unable to get property 'indexOf' of undefined or null reference.

        TypeError: Unable to get property 'indexOf' of undefined or null reference

          at DVTChartView.processChartDocPartXmlHTML5 (https://myserver.com/analytics/res/v-E*K1B0g1ggs/b_mozilla/views/dvtchart/chartview.js:1:36361)

          at chartDocPartXmlLoadedHTML5 (https://myserver.com/analytics/res/v-E*K1B0g1ggs/b_mozilla/views/dvtchart/chartview.js:1:1305)

          at saw.ajax.Request.prototype._callBack (https://myserver.com/analytics/res/v-E*K1B0g1ggs/b_mozilla/views/dvtchart/ajax.js:1:2868)

          at saw.ajax.Connection._handleNotification (https://myserver.com/analytics/res/v-E*K1B0g1ggs/b_mozilla/views/dvtchart/ajax.js:1:14048)

          at saw.ajax.XhrConnection.prototype._processReqChange (https://myserver.com/analytics/res/v-E*K1B0g1ggs/b_mozilla/views/dvtchart/ajax.js:1:22501)

          at f.onreadystatechange (https://myserver.com/analytics/res/v-E*K1B0g1ggs/b_mozilla/views/dvtchart/ajax.js:"


      Has anybody else run into this issue?