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    OBIEE - Check Out Project (MUD) is selecting an archival RPD


      Working with a MUD environment in OBIEE (Windows).  My shared repository has been saved onto a network drive.  It has one project in it.  It is saved on the network drive as MUD_Test.rpd.


      My MUD Developer checks out the project.  Makes changes.  Checks in changes.  All is good.  The MUD folder has MUD_Test.rpd and MUD_Test.000, as usual.


      I then add a second project to the .RPD.


      MUD Developer attempts to check out the new project - but he is not presented with that second project as an option.  Instead, all he can check out is the first project.  (Yes, he is eligible to check it out.)


      Here's the diagnosis:  If I delete the MUD_Test.000 repository, my MUD Developer now sees both projects.  So it appears that MUD is looking inside an archival copy of the repository (the .000 version) instead of the .rpd file.


      Can someone else confirm this behavior in please?


      I am also getting this during Publish to Network: Your Publishing will be aborted because the repository ... is locked by Unknown at 12:00:00 AM.  This is a bogus message.  My MUD Developer and I are sitting side-by-side, and we are the only ones in the system.