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    Behaviour in procedures with strings using 17.3


      I´ve downloaded the current version and with this version I am having trouble working with string who are concatenated to sql statements.


      The following is working fine:


      s_str := 'select * from employees';

      s_str := s_str || 'where employee_id = ' || l_emp || ' and start_date = sysdate-360';


      But I I am changing the string to multiple line without the s_str := s_str in eacht line like e.g.


      s_str := 'select * from employees

                    where employee_id = ' || l_emp || ' and start_date = sysdate-360';


      I am not able to change the local variable l_emp to another value. I can position the mouse arrow to the local variable, but when I am changing it to e.g. "l_emp2" it jumps to the next position outside of the concatenation. Result will be then "where employee_id = ' || l_emp || ' l_emp2 and start_date = sysdate-360';"


      It looks like it is a setting of the developer but I do not find the right setting so far.

      We are using this kind of sql statement of multiple lines (large sql statements) really often so it is quite urgent to have a solution.