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    Accessing all application ids which are inserting data in a particular table


      Hi friends, we have a requirement where in we want an audit report on a particular table.


      We have a table 'x' in which we are inserting data through Apex Applications. Now we want to which all applications are using procedures/ DML to insert data in to this table. 


      Is there any default view or anything in apex dictionary which i can use to access the list?  I tried some from the apex dictionary but none of them could give me perfect data for ex: select * from APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_PROC.


      In the above query there are two columns PROCESS_TYPE and PROCESS_TYPE_CODE but i want to know what query is inside the process_type_code.


      Any help would be much beneficial. As we have around 250 applications in the schema and its really a hard task to go through all these applications.