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    FDMEE in PBCS Cloud Environment- Scripting




      I am using Planning and Budgeting cloud services (version and trying to load data using FDMEE which is available in PBCS data management. I don't see any scripting opting in the FDMEE. Is that the case in Cloud applications? How can I manage data/metadata with custom scripts in cloud FDMEE? Please could you throw a light on this concept?


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          Rabi P



          Its true that FDMEE cloud doesn't offer flexibility to use scripts. You can use epmautomate/Rest API  to address data/mtedata loads.




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            As already mentioned custom Scripting is not available on the cloud Data Management at the current time.


            You would have to manage file manipulation(data or metadata) in your source system or using third party tools(e.g power shell etc) and as aready mentioned build a process with the cloud EPM Automate if the desire is to automate.


            Some SQL scripting is available on cloud Data Management and you can further review the cloud Data Management admin guide for those details


            Notably your company could consider purchasing on premise FDMEE( license as on premise FDMEE allows custom scripting and can load directly to cloud applications. The well known J Goodwin has blogs on the hybrid process.

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