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    Cannot get Export of Team-Development data to work

    Klaus Sch.

      Hi all,

      I would like to copy the team development data - Feature, Milestones, etc. - to another already existing workspace.

      The provided java utility APEXExport has the option "-expTeamdevdata", but it seems not to work.

      I tried to use it in the same way as the "-expFeedback" option.

      But when using "-expTeamdevdata" it is completely ignored: all applications for the specified workspace_id are exported and no teamdevelopment data.


      Usage Information of APEXExport shows: ... -expTeamdevdata:   Export team development data for all workspaces or identified by -workspaceid ...

      What am i doing wrong?


      Regards Klaus


      My Environment:

      Linux SLES 12

      Oracle 12.2 SE2

      Apex 5.1.2

      Java 1.8.0_121


      Shellscript 1: "apex_export.sh":


      export APEX_LIB=$HOME/lib




      java oracle.apex.APEXExport $*


      Shellscript 2: "apex_exp_teamdev.sh":

      apex_export.sh -db $DB_HOST:$DB_PORT:$DB_NAME \

                      -user $DB_USER \

                      -password $DB_PASS \

                      -expTeamdevdata \

                      -workspaceid $WS_ID