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    Is it supported? F5 on front of OAM and JBoss.


      We have Oracle Access Management system and we need SSO for JBoss applications.


      It seems that Oracle only supports JBoss 6, and according to Red Hat, JBoss 6 is not tested with OHS, and that's why (Red Hat) they don't support it (OHS).


      Now we are planning to replace OHS with Big-IP F5, but we need to know if that this configuration is supported of all parties. What I have readed from https://f5.com/solutions/deployment-guides/oracle-access-manager-big-ip-v11-apm this should be possible without any problems.


      I don't think that Oracle/Red Hat/F5 has problem with this kind of configuration? We just need get confirmation for support from vendors, in case of problems.


      - Semi