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    Is System Profile Option:  "INV: Use new Trx.Mngr. for processing" valid in EBS R12.2.25


      Has the following System Profile Option been disabled in R12.2.5


      "INV: Use new Trx.Mngr. for processing"


      We are upgrading from 11i to R12.  I can see the profile option from a backend query but it is not visible from the front end "System Profile Options" form.


      Navigation from the "System Administrator" responsibility is "Profile" >> "System".


      Here is the backend query that I used.  I noticed that the "end date active" is set to a very old date.  Can someone run same query in R12 and let me know if they get the same "End Date Active" value "01-Jan-05" 


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      select a.end_date_active, a.profile_option_name

      from apps.fnd_profile_options a

      Where a.profile_option_name = 'INV_USE_NEWTM'


















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