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    Duplicate Mappings while using Data Management in FCCS loading to both Entity Currency & Parent currency



      I am using the same FCCS application as both a source and a target and have set it up in Data Management to move data from one point of view to another for a client I am working on at the moment. The problem I am experiencing when i go to reconcile my data is that I see values being loaded to both Entity Currency and Parent Currency and it is messing up my reconciliation. I am seeing the correct values being loaded for the movement closing balance in Entity Currency on the drill through but when I review the drill through value I can also see a duplicate line being loaded to Parent Currency and it is this duplicate movement value that i am seeing within the smartView Ad Hoc at entity currency level when I go to review my data load. See screenshots attached, your help on this would be greatly appreciated. Things I've tried so far.

      1. Within the "From Currency" Mapping within data managment I have set up the following mappings

      Explicit: Source: Parent Currency               Target: IGNORE

      Like: Source: *                                             Target: *

      2. Within the "Import format" I have defined the following rule

      Client_Entity_Currency;Fill=Entity Currency

      But was then unable to try and map this as Entity currency cannot be used a Target.

      3. Created a unique import format with only unique base members, i.e. level 0 descendants.

      I would expect the value underneath IFRSTOSII to be 174, 928 (448,169 + -273, 241.21), i.e. opening plus movement as opposed to -273, 241.21, just the movement.

      Note that movements are a like movements mapping from * to no_movement

      The following 3 lines (in the final screenshot) are in the workbench excel extract so you can see the movement line is duplicated.


      FCCS SmartView Query FY23 versus FY20 v1.PNGFCCS SmartView Query FY23 versus FY20 v2.PNGFCCS DM Drill Through v2.PNGDM Source Excel v0.01.PNG