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    Run android emulator(KOPLAYER) on Amazon ec2 windows server 2016 instance using Ravello



      Currently i am running an android emulator named as "KOPLAYER" on an amazon ec2 windows server 2016 instance. The emulator is not working properly because virtualization is not enabled. So i searched a bit and found "Ravello" providing virtualization to the android emulators on amazon ec2. But the problem is i am not getting any kind of document or tutorial that how to setup ravello with amazon ec2 windows server 2016/2012 instance, without this i can't move any further. What i get is this link https://www.ravellosystems.com/blog/android-emulator-on-amazon-ec2-and-google-cloud/ but i it seems to be for an linux instance. So please tell me how to run an android emulator on a windows instance.