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    Multi-node Apps Tier, with shared file system full


      EBS R12.1.3





      Hi ALL,


      We have multinode apps tier as in NOD1, NODE2, NODE3.  They are connected one database server

      The 3 app nodes share 1 concurrent manager owned by NODE3.  I understand the 3 app nodes are sharing single disk for requested output?

      In order to share the disk they need to be and OCFS type (oracle cluster file system)? right?

      Right now we are running out of space for the shared disk.

      Can we used the free internal disk which has big freespace to be converted to OCFS? or any standard disk to be a shared disk?


      We are looking at the possibility of either using only 1 application server in production and localize it since

      the shared folder is the one possibly causing the problem and/or restore production to one of the test servers we are using.




      Please help....



      Kind regards,