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    Updated App // CSS nightmare

    Kathleen Hoehn

      Yikes! In order to add the the RSS App in our emails or to edit the App in emails it's currently in use for, you have to update to the newest version.  There's a warning that "The new RSS Feed has an updated design which means any modified CSS settings with be reset after Save" but what it fails to mention is that the Classes have been totally changed and that your current CSS has to be totally reworked. 


      This was not the understanding by the warning, only understood when our formatting wasn't updating in the emails, and has created quite the nightmare. 


      Question: Are these new classes here to stay?  We have to do an overhaul and pull in our dev resources to make this update, and before we do this work and then have to do a rework, and I want to ensure we won't have to find ourselves doing this again with the next release.